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About Us

We have been providing technology services to business for 20 yrs. We seem to be highly regarded by many major organisations!

Our Team Leaders....

Basil Simonenko

Business development - Technology consultant - Project manager

Graphic design - Creative multimedia production - Research - Audio production

Philomena Simonenko

Coder / technical analysis and solutions

HTML Coding - PHP coding - Bootstrap - Server side administration -Technology support

Jedakiah Simonenko

Data Scientist

Skills: Artificial intelligence programmer - Machine learning - coder - (JAVA , PYTHON) Tensor flow - AWS -


Our team consists of highly qualified data scientists, designers and coders located in different parts of the world. Our personnel have been chosen for their outstanding track records, skillsets and proven ability to deliver on project requirements again and again.

A.I. Business Solutions is a brand new service brought to you by Craven Web, a part of the Globaltec industries family. We are proud of our track record for delivering technology solutions for over 12 years. Our coders have extensive experience in dealing with the challenges business faces with applied technology. From A.I. to automated documents, cloud database solutions and hosting solutions we have been providing high quality technology sservices to customers who return again and again. They return because we know our business and we understand our client's needs. We become an effective technology department for our customers and perform as a part of their team whatever the challenge. Some of the companies our specialists have provided services for includes Morgan Stanley, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, Julius Baer, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Barclays and even the British Crown.

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